Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Community at its best: Avenell Road Street Party

Bouncy Castles, Food to share, Fire engines and a random stranger with a saxophone. These were some of the highlights of the Monsell and Avenell Road community street party. Stalls included a 100% recyclable card shop, an Indian massager and the standard village fete-esque face painters. A rather miserable London day was transformed into a very good spirited community event. I'm hoping that the upcoming #foodrevolution event will be a similar
It was a great day out in Finsbury Park and nice to know that the community can still pull together for events like this. This street party helped raise money for Elizabeth House, the Highbury Vale Blackstock Trust. The street party saw great food, great music and amazing community spirit. Everybody brought great home-made food to share and we snuck in some of our own home baked organic cookies for people to sample :p A wonderful day for the whole community to enjoy.

Some photo highlights:

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  1. Sounds a great day Adam. Community events where local entertainment is provided, serving up wholesome local food ARE THE BEST! These types of events can't even be staged!

    I tend to get the sense of 'togetherness' and genuinity – from the heart, not because you have to, but because sincerely you want from these types of events. Great for the community too! :)