Sunday, April 22, 2012

Journey on an Organic Quest

"When the Khoja had been served with food, he took hold of the sleeve of his pelisse and pulled it towards the dish, saying, in a tone of respect, "O most worthy and honourable pelisse! be good enough to partake of this dish. In the name of the Prophet I beseech you do not refuse to taste what has been hospitably provided."
"What is this, Khoja?" cried the people, "and what do you mean by offering food to a fur pelisse that can neither hear nor eat?"
"O most courteous entertainers!" replied the Khoja, "since the pelisse has commanded such respect at your hands, is it not proper that it should also partake of the food?"
Tales Of The Khoja, Juliana Horatia Ewing 

Okay, so this blog has accidently started on a bit of a wobbly day. Can eating out for three meals ever be justified? Well it's such a wobbly day that I don't care. Breakfast started in a delectable little cafe on Blackstock Road in Finsbury Park by the name of Cinnamon Village. A little organic cafe that has an hispanic feel to it. Serving a variety of different breakfast delectables including the traditional English Breakfast, varieties on the classic Eggs Benedict and a plethora of smoothies. 

Whether you are a down and out student looking for salvation in bacon to cure that insatiable hangover or a middle class muncher who wants to feed that ravenousness stomach; you will not be disappointed.

 Now next on the Organic hit list was Organica a smart little pizza parlour found hidden on the corner of Gillespe Road. How does the Fantasia sound containing mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, homemade caramelised onions, and sesame seeds, or the Vegetarian Calzone containing aubergines, roasted potatoes, roasted peppers and ricotta. These were tempting but we were drawn to the Pumpkin Fusion with crushed roasted butternut squash, mozzarella, spinach, blue cheese and parma ham. Although not on the cheap side, the combination of flavours gave a unique pizza experience.  

With many peoples' ideas of a pizza being formed through adverts for Pizza Hut and flyers from Domino's this takeaway was a welcome change. The pricing makes it a special treat but we shall be certainly returning here again soon.
Who know's what tea will have instore on our organic journey, only time will tell. 

By eating Organic, it promotes a way of farming that can protect both the environment and the animals that thrive on the soil to survive. As I explore the great tastes and flavours of the world of Organic food, I also want to remember why organic foods are so important and the benefits it can bring to all of our lives. I also promise next blog I will actually cook some fine cuisine, to try and create an organic feast to temp you into creating your own organic masterpieces.

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